How To Get Involved


The success of our programs is dependent on funding from individuals, grants, and corporations who share in our vision and mission. We offer several partner options that enable you to share our vision and mission, and to promote executive leadership development through our executive mentoring programs.

These levels include:

  • Foundation Partner
  • Program Sponsor
  • Scholarship Sponsor
  • Event Sponsor
  • Corporate Sponsor

Please contact us to discuss which level best fits your corporate objectives.


Career-minded, entrepreneurial-spirited individuals in the technology or emerging sectors workforce. Minimum time commitment: 80 hours


Executives with coaching and mentoring abilities. Minimum time commitment: 30 – 40 hours.

Executive Sponsor

Person of influence who supports the protégé. Minimum time commitment: 4 – 8 hours


We need community-minded individuals with experience with web-based program design and delivery, program management, non-profit administration, events planning and fund raising.