Success Stories

  • Greg Lanigan was not only a source of incredible advice, he was also a great example of how to be patient, caring and an attentive listener. I admire those traits very much and have been striving to emulate that type of behavior in all aspects of my life.
  • One learns much teaching as being a student. No matter what the specific topic, there always seemed to be something that gave me better insight into my own role, career or current assignment.
  • I think at times I am being mentored as well. That speaks to the value of program and the exchange of ideas/thoughts/experiences between Mentors and Mentees. I genuinely believe that I am learning just as much from her as she is from me.
  • “There is no way that I could have heard the perspectives through anyone in my network that I’ve heard from my mentor this year. He is at a level of executive leadership and working in situations that I’m aspiring to. His ability to anticipate situations that I’m trying to be in and give me some guidance and some best practices before I’m there is going to be invaluable for preparing me for when I’m there.”
  • “I want to say thank you to We Build Character for doing something that our world needs, and that’s bringing people together to advance people’s careers in an area that we desperately need good qualified people for. So I want to thank you and We Build Character for providing me the opportunity to give back, it’s enriched me in many ways.
  • “The program provided the focus I needed to clearly assess my strengths and weaknesses and chart my path for the future. During the program I was elevated to the Vice President level and do contribute a portion of that success to this program.”